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Bari 10A Bed

  • Joerns Bari 10A
  • Joerns Bari 10A
  • Joerns Bari 10A

The Joerns Bari 10A Bed seeks accommodate overweight patients while maintaining comfort and empathy for the end user.

The Task

The Bari 10 A is a challenging project on many levels. Unfortunately the need for hospital beds that can serve 500lb to 1000lb patients is a growing epidemic in health care.

Our initial approach centered on defining the key attributes that the design had to meet. As the bed fully articulates we measured several competitors' beds and came up with a master document that defined a set of goal dimensions for the product. These included:

• Low height position
• High height position
• Trendelenburg angles (head lowered feet up) and Reverse Trendelenburg
• Goal weight
• Goal features (removable side/ head rails)
• Required agency markings (IEC 60601-38)
• Goal cost

The Solution

Once we had a general agreed description of the goals we set about developing a product to meet patient needs and be manufacturable.

The design development program took 1 year to complete (2004-2005) and resulted in a product that is still being fabricated today. Innovations included:

• On board extension for 8” of length and 12” of width
• Use of sheet extruded plastic for the head, foot and side panels. This material gives a finished product look that is strong and easy wipe down with no tooling investment
• Unique mounting and detailing of bed sales (for constant patient weight monitoring)
• Special ordered Linak actuator system for bed surface positioning
• Custom extruded latch and touch points that are all ‘purple’ for a consistent unique user impression. If it's ‘purple’ it's an interaction point.

Above all the new design has continued to be manufactured since design and is regularly batch built form the Joerns fabrication plant in Mexico for sale to Stryker as well as to its own rental team. The product continues to be in demand as a workhorse product that maintains the patient dignity by blending in with the hospital bed landscape, so the patient doesn’t stand out as ‘different’.

The product development process is second nature for these guys; they are easy to collaborate with and bring a breadth of knowledge to the design table. They are surprisingly adept at moving from sketches, to 3D models, to reduction to practice across many market segments. They are experienced in designing for metals, plastics, foam, and user interfaces; along with the manufacturing processes required to produce the design."

Gary Schmitz
Sr. Project Manager, Joerns Healthcare, LLC